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We are Just Amazing, a young, innovative, internationally operating company that runs numerous successful webshops. Our businesses target a variety of niche and general international markets, and have seen impressive growth in recent years. Our success is a direct result of a team of bright, hard-working, and dedicated individuals. Separately, these individuals are special. But together, we’ve created something exceptional. Our team consists of marketing experts, professional writers and journalists, designers, native-speaking translators, and editors. To top it off, our team is led by skilled managers. With a focus on creative thinking, problem solving, and innovation, we’ve gained substantial traction on numerous social media platforms. Such impactful outreach attracts an average of 50,000,000 annual visits across all of our sites. This enormous amount of traffic exposes our extensive range of well-designed products to our target markets. In total, our businesses ship over 200,000 orders each year to over 30 European countries. It’s not just our social media presence and carefully constructed posts that drive traffic to our sites. Our team of writers has crafted over 1000 in-depth blogs covering a wide range of subjects relevant to each business. Our writers are professional wordsmiths with experience in journalism, blogging, academia, copywriting, and translation. Many of their pieces are casual, fun, and promotional. Others are more thorough and draw from scientific literature. The team delivers factually sound, up-to-date information packaged in an informal and relatable presentation. It’s what keeps our readers coming back again and again. After a writer finishes a task, our team of native translators are on-hand, ready to transform a piece into six different languages. And to ensure everything is polished and correct, our team of editors verifies every text for quality. Just Amazing’s video team also does a superb job attracting traffic and engaging our customer base. They create visually stunning videos that do our products justice. Their ability to infuse videos with colour, imagery, and creative editing has earned us over 1,000,000 video views.


Do you like the sound of working with such a well-oiled and coherent team? Do you think you have what it takes to jump on board with our talented marketing experts and high-level content creators? Before you answer those questions, we need to let you in on something. Working for Just Amazing isn’t a normal job. It’s not about turning up, doing a bit of work, and then heading home. We give our employees the chance to pour out their innate creativity and unleash their innovative nature. But there’s power in numbers. When all of our team is working in this way, amazing things happen. We’re all different and unique, but we share one common goal: a burning drive to create and succeed.

We’re not just after punctuality and dedication (although these things are important!). We’re also in search of passionate individuals who are going to give it their all, and then some! If this kind of opportunity interests you, head over to our jobs page!


As you can tell, we get a lot done at Just Amazing. We walk the fine line of providing an inspiring working environment for our employees while producing world-class products and satisfying our customers. It took a considerable amount of time and planning to achieve this balance, but we did it! What made it work so well was our focus on four core values. Everything we do at Just Amazing revolves around these four pillars. They’re why things run so smoothly around here!



The first of our core values is professionalism. Put simply: we do what we say we’re going to do. It sounds simple enough, but it’s where many businesses fall short. Customer rapport is at the centre of everything we do as a company. Without our customers, there is no business! For this reason, we do everything within our power to make sure our customers are satisfied.
As a trustworthy company, we seek to distribute effective products that fulfil their descriptions. We also make sure all of the information, blogs, and videos we produce promote factual information checked by an experienced team of editors. We aim to deliver products on time and in a proficient

manner. Of course, sometimes things are out of our control. However, there will always be a justifiable reason when things don’t turn out the way we intended. Plus, we always keep our customers informed and up to date when this happens.
By providing an honest and transparent service,

we’ve built strong relationships with our customer base. Our individual businesses have become powerhouses in their own industries, and customers return to us again and again for our highly regarded products and services.

We don’t isolate ourselves from the opinions of our customers—quite the opposite. We openly welcome customer feedback and encourage communication with our reliable and efficient customer experience teams. For us, going above and beyond to ensure unparalleled, timely service isn’t groundbreaking; it’s just what we do!



Innovation is defined as the process of translating an idea or invention into a product or service that creates value. Innovation is the second core value at Just Amazing as we constantly strive to push our creative limits. Without innovation, projects become stagnant, and workflow screeches to a halt. New and unique ideas are what motivate us to turn up and give it our best each and every day. So many businesses offer similar products and services with slights twists and tweaks. We never want to get stuck in this repetitive and unoriginal loop. 

That’s why one of our foundational values involves breaking the mould and finding our own way of doing things. Each of our businesses offers unique products and services that are genuinely useful for our customers. We sell products that make tasks easier and more efficient, as well as collectable and extravagant items that clients can rarely find elsewhere. We’ve also come up with creative and innovative methods when it comes to marketing. Our customers never get tired of our social media feeds. They’re full of detailed images, useful information, and irresistible offers!

Our innovative efforts aren’t limited to the customer experience. Just Amazing is constantly looking at new ways to enhance our working environment, both online and in the real world. Our writing teams have the luxury of working on a clean and easy-to-use server that enables them to receive and submit work with the click of a button. Plus, invoices are taken care of in an equally easy manner. This method puts us light-years ahead of other companies that burden most of their staff with accounting duties.


Our third core value revolves around teamwork. Don’t worry; we’re not going to bombard you with clichés. We all know there’s no “I” in “team”. Just Amazing takes a unique approach to teamwork. Our staff is composed of a complex, layered network of teams than converge to form a larger whole. By making sure that each of these teams consists of passionate and hard-working individuals, the system runs like clockwork.

All of our teams work individually, but their output blends into a refined finished product. For example: our video team will create mesmerising visual content, which our writing team then crafts a few enticing paragraphs for; finally, our editors perfect it with finishing touches.

At Just Amazing, our idea of teamwork involves both pushing each other and supporting each other. Our managers and editors are skilled at identifying the talents of our employees. They work to push them and tease out their full potential. At the same time, they offer support and help them grow in areas where it’s needed.

We also value teamwork outside of our organisation. The business world is full of competition, and we strive to be the best in our industry. However, we also see the value of teamwork in the business world. Several of our businesses have branched out to collaborate with other companies. These have been mutually beneficial ventures that have served as effective marketing campaigns.

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